Because the conditions Chiropractors treat are quite extensive, patients come to us for a variety of reasons. Your concern may be an existing health problem such as a headache or neck pain, you may be coming to us to help recover from an injury, or perhaps you may be wanting some maintenance Chiropractic Care to keep your body well and in optimal condition.

We offer pregnancy care to assist women with common complaints in pregnancy like back pain or sciatica and always aim to optimise the function of the pelvis and surrounding muscles and ligaments so as to support the growth of your baby.

We also offer help for smaller family members who may benefit from Chiropractic Care. Toddlers and Children can often suffer falls and injury from day to day living and exploring their environment in the search of independence and growth. A child who is not moving and developing well may benefit from a spinal check.

If we are unable to help you, rest assured that we will refer you on to another suitable health care practitioner who can.

Whatever your concern; be assured that we are here to help!




back pain





Wry neck with head turned to one side


Or curvature of the spine

Hip, Knee, Foot problems

All of which may cause a limp

Since significant trauma can occur at birth, many parents choose to have their newborns checked for any spinal health related problems. Later, learning to walk, riding a bicycle and other childhood activities where falls and collisions are frequent can cause spinal health related problems. Many childhood health complaints that are brushed off as “growing pains” may be able to be traced to the spine. Regular chiropractic check-ups may be able to identify these problems and help avoid some of the health complaints seen later in adults.

*Please note: There are many other health problems that respond to chiropractic care, particularly those relating to the younger members of your family. Many of these may not be mentioned here. Feel free to email or phone Dr Michelle Scholten regarding your case to discuss the suitability of Chiropractic care to you or your family member. 

Neck pain

Jaw or TMJ pain

Locking or clicking


Or rounded shoulders

Adults & Teens



Mid-back pain

Pain between shoulder blades

Lower back pain


Pain radiating down the leg, numbness or pins & needles into one or both legs

Postural strain from prolonged sitting

Someone who sits at the computer for long hours. This may include a teenager who sits at the X-Box or PlayStation for hours, students particularly in VCE or senior school who spend many hours studying, or the adult with an office job who sits at a computer all day.

Chiropractic Care

All these forms of Chiropractic Care are delivered with consultation and advice regarding home exercise, lifestyle and ergonomic considerations to help you and your family achieve your best health outcomes.

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