Feel better and think more clearly with regular aerobic exercise for improved brain health.

Not only is aerobic exercise beneficial for the heart; it’s also great for our brain health, and the overall benefits to our performance and well being are many.

Numerous studies suggest aerobic exercise improves cognition or ‘thinking skills’ in humans.  

A new study published in the respected scientific journal Neurology provides evidence that aerobic workouts improve cognition in both younger and older adults, too.

Researchers divided adults ages 20-67 into two groups for six months: an aerobic group that performed exercises to speed up the heart rate; and a control group that performed toning and stretching exercises, but not of the aerobic variety. Tests administered at the beginning and end of the four-month period measured cognitive skills including executive function, mental processing speed, memory, language abilities and more.

After six months, the aerobic exercise group showed improvements in cognitive function, whilst the non-aerobic group had minimal to no increases in cognition. Improvements were seen across all ages participating in the aerobic exercise program.

Heart health, brain health – what isn’t aerobic exercise good for?

If you’re already participating in regular aerobic exercise, good for you! If not, ask Dr Michelle Scholten to help design a program suitable to your health and fitness goals.