Your child’s social skills are more important than academic learning in early childhood and Kindergarten.

Parents…..Put away the flashcards….. Parents of young children tend to worry more about academic performance in literacy; reading and numeracy or numbers than they perhaps need to. Experts are telling us that development of the right side of the brain in the first years of life is the most important priority; this means bonding and…
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Neuroplasticity, Social Media Addiction and Your Brain.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change itself according to its environment. This means we can adapt, learn and improve our brain function with specific brain exercise and stimulation of weakened or underdeveloped areas. This is great news when we want to enhance our thinking, movement, learning and quality of life. Well, this is great…
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Neuroplasticity-What is it?

NEUROPLASTICITY: What is it? Neuroplasticity is a “buzzword’ often passed around amongst psychologists and neuroscientists and health care professionals like Chiropractors to describe the brain’s ability to be changed. That is; you are not stuck with the brain that you were born with, and the brain can be changed to help overcome limiting conditions that…
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