What to Expect

What can I expect?

An experienced chiropractor in Melbourne, like Dr Michelle Scholten, will take the time to understand your needs during the assessment, examination, and treatment. You will have an opportunity to ask Dr Michelle questions at any time throughout your visit.

The physical examination performed may include checking your posture, range of motion, reflexes, sensory testing, muscle function, balance, co-ordination, primitive and postural reflexes as well as other tests as needed so as to clarify your clinical presentation. Some patients are referred for further X-Ray and further radiological screening such as Ultrasound MRI or CT if deemed necessary.

If your condition requires the assistance of another practitioner e.g. your GP or another health care professional, we will refer you on accordingly.

After the examination process is complete; Dr Michelle Scholten will discuss the proposed chiropractic care plan which includes treatment techniques, frequency of visits and your specific goals. Treatment alternatives, risks of care and risks of non-care are also discussed.

Chiropractic treatment may vary from person to person, but a typical treatment may include: gentle adjustments, mobilisation and soft tissue therapy release and/or muscle techniques. Dr Michelle will also provide you with some home based advice regarding posture, exercise and lifestyle advice so as to help prevent your health problem from returning.

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